Author Study

This is my author study.

Name of Author: J.K Rowling.

Why is she a good writer?

She uses really amazing motivating language in her books. She writes narratives of course and when it is time to change in daily 5 I just want to keep reading it because the author has sucked me into the book. My favourite book series is the Harry Potter series.

In the orientation she gets into real detail about explaining where the story takes place, who the people are and when it is. In the books of Harry Potter she explains Hogwarts extremely well but in every book there is something different and she explains the new look of the buildings. She uses the power to change your emotions during all her books and sometimes they entertain you. She also uses real life experiences to describe things in her books.

I know the Harry Potter series has changing emotions. Every emotion the character is felling is described by a lot of detail. She makes you understand how they are feeling, how they look and even what they are doing in each chapter really well. By changing the theme or way a character talks in each chapter, you know that the chapter is going to be good or bad.

Each time there is a problem, the way it is solved is so detailed. Each step is covered and never leaves you wondering how it happened. My opinion of J.K Rowling is that she writes with such emotion and descriptive language that leaves you always wanting to read more.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire Book Review

This post will be about a book called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  If you don’t want spoilers do not read on onto you complete the book. Just incase if I say a bit you are not up to. If you do want spoilers or you have completed the book you can read on.  My favourite bits are when Harry battles the dragon, got his name in the Tri-Wizard tournament and bought Lord Voldemort back to life.  I didn’t actually dislike anything about the book. It is a huge novel and I recommend reading the book then watching the movie. That is if you have the movie. Last but not least I need to recommend the book to someone. I recommend the book to people who like wizards, witches and magic. It is a hard read but I hope that if you read the book you will enjoy it. Here is a picture of the cover.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.55.35 AM


Leave a comment to tell me if you like Harry Potter or you don’t like it.