Swimming Carnival Reflection.

Yesterday, (Monday) we went to the Bendigo East Aquatic Centre. This will be a reflection on the Swimming Carnival. First off, what I liked, The 25m Freestyle race, Free swimming periods, Novelty events and Lunch time. Next is what I didn’t like and there wasn’t anything I didn’t like but I would like to change stuff if we did it again. Waiting for events. The waiting took too long. More free swimming periods and more teacher events because I think the teachers need a bit more fun.

So that is my reflection on the swimming carnival and I loved that day. I wish I could put photos on but I don’t have any. Thats all from me and I will see you all later…

ByeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeĀ šŸ˜€


Houses at School

At school we have 3 houses. Potter, Howard and Allen. Potter was named after the Bendigo Pottery, Howard was named after the street and Allen was named after the first principal Mr Edward Allen. Potter is the gold house, Howard is the green house and Allen is the blue house. I am in the blue house AKA Allen house. Leave a comment down below telling me what house you are in, what is your favourite house and why? But when you are saying your favourite house it can’t be your own house. Thanks for reading and I will see you all later.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Ā šŸ˜€