Term 3 Reflection

This term we have been working on a lot of things and the term has gone very fast.

What a term! It is already at the end so I am doing a Term 3 Reflection.

I have been successful in a lot of things, like our inquiry project on Natural Disasters, Maths with Fractions etc. Some things have been challenging this term but not lots. Some things I struggle with are P.E because i’m not that sporty, set tasks because when they are due I get stressed and art because i’m not that artistic. But I have been able to cope with it. Some goals I have set are to finish the Hunger Games Trilogy, finish the Saviour of the Galaxy series i’m writing and to do the best I can do in P.E. Also do the best to my ability in my On Demand testing.

My favourite day in term 3 was Fresh Faced Friday.

Thanks for reading my reflection on term 3 and I will see you all later…



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