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In Bendigo we think it is really hot when it gets to summer. But are you guys crazy! You should visit Death Vally in California. Then you will start to realise how hot it really gets.


That website should lead you to where the hottest place on earth is. It is a great website full of activities but as well as learning too. 🙂

The activities at the bottom of the website are what we are doing.

I did the one where you have to find the hottest month and the average for the hottest month.

I did 2015 but I know that I will only be able to get to September. Click the link to see the monthly weather report.


So here are my results…

The hottest month so far this year is January. It was Saturday the 3rd and it got up to a top of 40 degrees celsius.

The runners up for the hottest month was February. Which was the 21st on Saturday.

The average weather I got for January was 30 degrees celsius. That is a pretty good average. To me of course. Now to tell you some facts about the hottest place on earth.

Did you know that bacteria can’t get in Death Vally because it is so hot that is burns the bacteria.

Did you know that the highest recorded temperature at Death Vally was 134F in 1913! That is 56 degrees celsius!

Did you know that the highest recorded temperature in the world that is still up to date is 159F! That is 70 degrees celsius in our term.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.48.11 pm


Be sure to leave a comment and if you want to learn more about the hottest place on earth then please do go and click the first link above.

But that is all from me and I will see you all later…



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