This is a major issue in the AFL and this is my opinion on the issue.

What I think is that the girl called him a ape and she didn’t know it was racist. She probably heard her parents say it and decided to try it. But when Adam looked at her he was devastated. He was happy that she apologised and now she probably won’t do it again. Especially to an Aborigonal player. She was still young too understand the meaning of racisum. If she did understand maybe this wouldn’t of happened at all.

The booing is just unacceptable. It’s like bullying a kid at school but it’s at a football match. They should think twice because how does this effect the players? Very bad and some of them are getting sick of getting booed at. It’s just not on.

That was my opinion. What is your opinion on this issue? Leave me a comment and I will answer you.

That is all from me and I will see you all later…



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