Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 2: Neptune


But why is Saturn not there too? You realise that you are too late and that you spent too much time looking at Uranus spinning on its side. Saturn and Neptune are on the loose and you must get Neptune. But faintly you see Neptune and you use the Hyperdrive to get there. You use the Supercharged XXXXL Claws to get Neptune. It just fits and you are pleased. If you can get Saturn too this whole thing will be over.

But you forget about Saturn and use the Hyperdrive to get to where Neptune used to be. You put Neptune back and you decide to use the Hyperdrive to get to Mars so you can prepare for Saturn. After Mars it is Earth. Apparently people are going into evacuation in both Asia and Africa. This starts to worry you but you are ready aren’t you?

That was a Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 2: Neptune.


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  1. A excerpt of part 3 may take some time since I am still writing Part 3. There will be no excerpt of part 4, 5 and 6. Remember this is a work in progress series and it may take a while. Click the link below to visit the page and It will tell you when I will be finishing season 2. Also when the whole series is finished. This is my biggest series in my school life. http://lachlanhar.global2.vic.edu.au/2015/08/03/series-that-is-a-work-in-progress/ Click the link to visit the page. 😀
    From Lach.

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