Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 1: Pluto

When you get to Neptune you see that Pluto is hurtling towards Neptune. You fly closer but you see that it is too late. Pluto hit Neptune and Neptune escaped its orbit. Now 2 planets are on the loose and Saturn is next. You see a button with a claw on it and you press it. “Supercharged Claws XXXXL activated.” Then you feel a large shake and see that the claws are absolutely huge.

You get the speeding Pluto surprised and return it to where it used to be. Then suddenly the planet goes away and It starts orbiting again. Now that Pluto is done Neptune is on the loose and it will go pass Uranus. Then it will hit Saturn. When Neptune hits Saturn our Galaxy is one step closer to being destroyed.

Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 1: Pluto.

Stay tuned for a excerpt of Saviour of the Galaxy Part 2: Neptune.


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