Bills last day

My horse is breathing on me hard. I knew how he felt. I could read his emotions. His deep black eyes were looking down at me. I whisper to my horse. “I guess this is goodbye. I was told I could go home to my loved ones. I wish I could bring you but I can’t. Goodbye, Bill.”

I scratch him one last time before walking away.  The horse just stands there. I feel bad but I turn away and start walking towards the boat. I get on the boat and look at Bill. The horse stands there and then starts galloping towards me. I think I know what it is trying to do.

It is trying to get on the boat to go home with me. Soldiers aim guns at the horse. Its deep black eyes look at me. Poor thing. Must be sad. The horse grunts and stands there. Then it runs again and jumps. The soldiers aim their guns and fire. They all do except me. The horse falls to the ground and blood is spilling on the soil.

We start travelling back to Australia. When we get there I meet my loved ones. But one of my loved ones is missing. Bill. But one day I will see Bill again. At the memorial. I will never forget how we first met. I will never forget how we fought together and most importantly, I will never forget how he died. But hopefully Bill is in a better place now.

This story was for the light horseman who died in WW1. But most importantly, the horses.


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