Saviour of the world. Piece of writing for term 2.

Chapter 1: Our Last Fear…


Back at the base your team goes to the main hub. You sit down and start playing games when an alert goes off. You look at the picture and see a mutant smashing a city.


You contact your team to go and look at this. Their jaws open wide. They have never seen a mutant like this before. “Looks like…” “A half Zombie and a Half Alien mutant. Amazing!” “Yeah, yeah nerd.” Your leader says to a scientist. “We have no time to lose. Send out our infantry including the A.S.Ts.


You gear up and get in the jet. You start it up and fly towards the city. “The city is up ahead. Most of it is destroyed.” The city gets bigger and bigger as you fly closer. Skyscrapers are reduced to half the size. The sky is orange and blood is everywhere.


Chapter 2: The Mutant


The mutant jumps out of a building and smashes it. The jets start shooting and this makes the situation worse. The mutant summons Zombies and aliens and they start to fight the A.S.Ts. The A.S.Ts start to fight back. You hit some buttons and start shooting at its legs. The legs explode and some jets pick up the A.S.Ts. The legs are now shooting acid everywhere.


The jets start shooting the arms and they explode too. Acid starts to flood the city but it doesn’t effect the mutant. You shoot a missile and the mutant starts to roar. But the mutant swallows the grenade. The mutant hits your leaders jet and it crashes. But your team has to evacuate. The mutant explodes and the acid is like a Tsunami now. It chases the jets but they all escape except you. You start flying away as the acid chases you.


You turn right and see a exit out of the city. You fly out of the city as acid drips out of the city. You made it out but your leader didn’t.  When you got Cback to your base you saw nothing really change. You looked on the raider. No enemies in sight.


Chapter 3: 9 YEARS LATER…

9 years later you held a funeral for all of the lost soldiers. But especially your leader. You were promoted to leader and nothing happened for these long 9 years. Maybe this time earth finally has peace.


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