Super Mouse Story.

This is all of my Super Mouse Story so I hope you enjoy my story.     😀

Super Mouse By Lach H.

In a abandoned building 10 little mice were hiding in their hole playing poker. 1 mouse was the hero. He could sense danger and ran off the observatory deck. The observatory deck is a torch that is sticking out of the hole. No one could get in that way.

The fat cats came out of their box and kicked a box full of mouse traps. They landed all in front of the hole. The Fat Cats must be planning on tricking them and when they get caught in the mouse traps the cats will eat them. It was a horrible thought but now Super Mouse had to end their reign of terror. But Super Mouse had no powers yet. The only way was the most dangerous way to get powers. The radiation chamber.

He scrambled away from the Observatory deck, (The torch) and ran to the radiation chamber. He got to the entrance and saw that the consequences were losing his legs. It must mean that losing his legs was going to make him fly. He went inside and shut the door. He could feel the power surging through him. He begun to float and and he opened the door and flew towards the Hole.

The fat cats were meowing, coughing up hairballs and rolling on the floor. Super Mouse flew to the leader and said, “I am totally going to beat you.” “You don’t stand a chance Fat Rat. I can sit on you and make you my appetite!” “Wait who are you calling fat?” Said Super Mouse. “You eat literally 20 cans of cat food.” “Thats because I’m hungry.” Said the Fat Cat leader frowning at the flying mouse.

So the battle begun. Super Mouse used his plasma vision and disintegrated 2 cats. Then he flicked a Cat and out came the whole menu of Mcdonald’s. This cat is now a skinny cat and it ran away slowly because it wasn’t used to being skinny. Then Super Mouse kicks a cat into the wall and goes into the mouse’s hole. A mouse says, “Hey we have infinite food!” The rest of the Fat Cats retreat and take ages to get back to the box.

After they go in, Super Mouse uses his Plasma Vision to destroy the Mouse Traps. Then he kicks the box and they fly out of the building and they went far away. After that Super Mouse needs some food so he goes in and he starts grabbing food from the cat.

The Cats never bothered the mice again or they know what they have to face. Super Mouse. As so they thought the cats would never bother them again. The end. For Now.


Hope you enjoyed my story and that is all from me and I will see you all later…

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 🙂 😀




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