Swimming Carnival Reflection.

Yesterday, (Monday) we went to the Bendigo East Aquatic Centre. This will be a reflection on the Swimming Carnival. First off, what I liked, The 25m Freestyle race, Free swimming periods, Novelty events and Lunch time. Next is what I didn’t like and there wasn’t anything I didn’t like but I would like to change stuff if we did it again. Waiting for events. The waiting took too long. More free swimming periods and more teacher events because I think the teachers need a bit more fun.

So that is my reflection on the swimming carnival and I loved that day. I wish I could put photos on but I don’t have any. Thats all from me and I will see you all later…

ByeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeĀ šŸ˜€



  1. Dear Lach,
    Thanks for your great feedback.
    Ms Fitz has photos on her computer now so she might be able to send you the one of your first place win – standing on the podium.
    Mrs Davey

    • Dear Mrs Davey,
      Thanks for that. I will try to update my blog with some photos real soon but for now I don’t have any. I will try to get some photos up soon on this blog post. Thats all from me and I will see you later…

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