Main idea: Freegans


The idea we are getting is yes it can be gross but to them it’s like winning tattslotto. They keep saying that when they find stuff it’s still functional and edible.

The shocking thing is how much food we waste. $8 billion dollars worth of food getting wasted. But these fregans are trying to salvage the food and resources getting chucked out.

I know it’s illegal but it’s going to help reduce our waste of food.

That is my opinion and I will see you all later…



Fractured Fairytales

In class we have been working on Fractured Fairytales were we change a lot of the things in a fairytale. I did the 3 little pigs but I changed the name to the 3 little midgets. It took me a while to plan and do the rough draft but soon I will hopefully have a video to show you me doing the performance. Here is the planing.

IMG_0186 IMG_0187 When I have the video I hope you guys enjoy. I started off with a web and I kept crossing out things and adding new things to the story. After a while I got started straight away on the rough draft. Took 2 days and then I wrote a good copy and now when I read it I am really proud of myself. 🙂

Any way thanks for looking and I will see you all later…




Term 3 Reflection

This term we have been working on a lot of things and the term has gone very fast.

What a term! It is already at the end so I am doing a Term 3 Reflection.

I have been successful in a lot of things, like our inquiry project on Natural Disasters, Maths with Fractions etc. Some things have been challenging this term but not lots. Some things I struggle with are P.E because i’m not that sporty, set tasks because when they are due I get stressed and art because i’m not that artistic. But I have been able to cope with it. Some goals I have set are to finish the Hunger Games Trilogy, finish the Saviour of the Galaxy series i’m writing and to do the best I can do in P.E. Also do the best to my ability in my On Demand testing.

My favourite day in term 3 was Fresh Faced Friday.

Thanks for reading my reflection on term 3 and I will see you all later…



Inquiry Topic: Natural Disasters.

This term we have been working on a topic in inquiry and it’s called Natural Disasters. At the end of the topic we were given a task were we had to do a activity to prove to Ms Fitz what we know. Then we had to present the evidence on our blog and after days of work here it is. Hope you enjoy.

Note: This was made on Google Slides.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.10.14 amScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.10.24 amScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.10.37 amScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.10.44 amScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.10.51 amScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.10.58 amScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.11.09 am      Thanks for looking and I will see you all later..



The hottest place on earth activity

In Bendigo we think it is really hot when it gets to summer. But are you guys crazy! You should visit Death Vally in California. Then you will start to realise how hot it really gets.


That website should lead you to where the hottest place on earth is. It is a great website full of activities but as well as learning too. 🙂

The activities at the bottom of the website are what we are doing.

I did the one where you have to find the hottest month and the average for the hottest month.

I did 2015 but I know that I will only be able to get to September. Click the link to see the monthly weather report.


So here are my results…

The hottest month so far this year is January. It was Saturday the 3rd and it got up to a top of 40 degrees celsius.

The runners up for the hottest month was February. Which was the 21st on Saturday.

The average weather I got for January was 30 degrees celsius. That is a pretty good average. To me of course. Now to tell you some facts about the hottest place on earth.

Did you know that bacteria can’t get in Death Vally because it is so hot that is burns the bacteria.

Did you know that the highest recorded temperature at Death Vally was 134F in 1913! That is 56 degrees celsius!

Did you know that the highest recorded temperature in the world that is still up to date is 159F! That is 70 degrees celsius in our term.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.48.11 pm


Be sure to leave a comment and if you want to learn more about the hottest place on earth then please do go and click the first link above.

But that is all from me and I will see you all later…




This is a major issue in the AFL and this is my opinion on the issue.

What I think is that the girl called him a ape and she didn’t know it was racist. She probably heard her parents say it and decided to try it. But when Adam looked at her he was devastated. He was happy that she apologised and now she probably won’t do it again. Especially to an Aborigonal player. She was still young too understand the meaning of racisum. If she did understand maybe this wouldn’t of happened at all.

The booing is just unacceptable. It’s like bullying a kid at school but it’s at a football match. They should think twice because how does this effect the players? Very bad and some of them are getting sick of getting booed at. It’s just not on.

That was my opinion. What is your opinion on this issue? Leave me a comment and I will answer you.

That is all from me and I will see you all later…



Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 2: Neptune


But why is Saturn not there too? You realise that you are too late and that you spent too much time looking at Uranus spinning on its side. Saturn and Neptune are on the loose and you must get Neptune. But faintly you see Neptune and you use the Hyperdrive to get there. You use the Supercharged XXXXL Claws to get Neptune. It just fits and you are pleased. If you can get Saturn too this whole thing will be over.

But you forget about Saturn and use the Hyperdrive to get to where Neptune used to be. You put Neptune back and you decide to use the Hyperdrive to get to Mars so you can prepare for Saturn. After Mars it is Earth. Apparently people are going into evacuation in both Asia and Africa. This starts to worry you but you are ready aren’t you?

That was a Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 2: Neptune.


Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 1: Pluto

When you get to Neptune you see that Pluto is hurtling towards Neptune. You fly closer but you see that it is too late. Pluto hit Neptune and Neptune escaped its orbit. Now 2 planets are on the loose and Saturn is next. You see a button with a claw on it and you press it. “Supercharged Claws XXXXL activated.” Then you feel a large shake and see that the claws are absolutely huge.

You get the speeding Pluto surprised and return it to where it used to be. Then suddenly the planet goes away and It starts orbiting again. Now that Pluto is done Neptune is on the loose and it will go pass Uranus. Then it will hit Saturn. When Neptune hits Saturn our Galaxy is one step closer to being destroyed.

Excerpt of Saviour Of The Galaxy Part 1: Pluto.

Stay tuned for a excerpt of Saviour of the Galaxy Part 2: Neptune.